Phoenix Excavating Inc.

Consistently delivering superior and timely service for a competitive price to a qualified client base

Where Scheduling

Meets Service



With offices in Vancouver and Richland, Washington, Phoenix Excavating Inc. provides residential, commercial, and industrial clients with a full-service Partnership. Phoenix Excavating engages with clients across Washington and Oregon. With our extensive experience in grading, excavation, installation of underground utilities, and building roads, we are confident in our work.  We have a competitive, knowledgeable team that is ready to work for you. We maintain a competitive advantage with a unique end date scheduling system, which allows for jobs to be performed more efficiently and on an accelerated schedule. 


Phoenix Excavating is involved in the communities we work in. We help our clients establish a partnership with agencies and municipalities which allows continued growth and respect for all involved.


Our name comes from the Phoenix Bird with the unique capability to be consumed in the flames and reborn from the ashes. Just like the symbol of rebirth and renewal, Phoenix Excavating is made up of the best talent in our industry. As well known companies closed their doors during the great recession, some of the key employees began building a new company of their own, Phoenix Excavating, Inc.


The Company was founded by Teresa Reisch and Aaron Riley. Teresa and Aaron share the business concepts and standards they have experienced in their combined 50 years in the industry. High integrity, fair firm and friendly attitude and respect for their fellow businessmen. With these standards, we decided to continue in the Excavating industry as the Owners of Phoenix Excavating Inc. We provide the Customer Service our clients have come to expect and depend on.

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